Rodney Wood

I always dreamed of Arrive and Drive.

Ford or Holden: Anything with a Chev or Mopar
Racing Highlight: There has been so many, Cromwell 1NZ was a great trip.
Biggest Racing Disappointment: There are many of those too, being disqualified from NZ Streetstock Champs Wanganui rates up there.
Snorer or Non-snorer: She says I snore.
Favourite Track: Rotorua, Gisborne.
I can’t be without: My wife!!!!! She says.

Paul Langdon

Blouse came in the toolbox when Rodney purchased his first stockcar in 1995 off Craig Taylor. He has crewed for Rodney ever since. He is the assistant manager at Beaurepaires, Mount Maunganui. He has put in many hours of hard work over the years, as you’ve seen how crazy Rodney drives, the car does not always come back the same as it left. He is part of the shed furniture and a valuable member of our team.

Ford or Holden: screaming small block ford

Racing Highlight: Breaking Boote’s car at the 240s. Winning the NZ sprint Car Champs (not bad for stockcar boys)

Biggest Racing Disappointment: Drivers that get others to do their dirty work
Snorer or Non-snorer: Snorer
Favorite Track: Rotorua. (tracks that don’t look like the surface of the moon) If you’re not having fun it’s not worth doing

Gary Arnold

Gary started crewing around 1995. And has been a regular crewman with Rodney ever since. Gary is the Local Rep for Repco Tauranga, and is our parts man. He has put in a lot hours over the years and is a valuable member of our team and has consistently crewed over the year while raising a young family, thanks to Tanya for still lending him to us. Gary is the tall one.

Ford or Holden: HOLDEN (1,2,3,&4)
Racing Highlight: NZ Sprint Cars Cromwell, & 240′s run off with Boote
Biggest Racing Disappointment: NZ Super Stock’s Palmy
Snorer or Non-snorer: Snorer – so i’ve being told
Favorite Track: Rotorua

Mike Lilly

Mike is the newest member of our team and started crewing for us in 2011. He needs to remember to be nice to team owner as she has the power on the website! :)

Ford or Holden: Saab or Scoda,
Racing Highlight: Scooter racing
Biggest Racing Disappointment: flat tyre on scooter no-one to fix it
Snorer or Non-snorer: nodder
Favourite Track: welcome bay roundabout
I can’t be without: My energy drinks and hair gel

Please note team owner has as honestly as she knows how has filled in profile for Mike. until he tells us otherwise.

Tony O’Brien

Tony has been on board as a sponsor and supporter since 2006/07 Season. He is a member of the B CREW. The B stands for BE CAREFUL for they don’t know what they are doing (ha-ha). Tony can often be seen in the pits but only cleaning the Fowler Homes panel. A huge thanks to Tony and the Fowler Homes Team for their sponsorship and support.

Ford or Holden: One brand as always (and 123 for the great race) HOLDEN
Racing Highlight: Yelling at the computer (because I wasn’t there) as Rodney won at Cromwell
Biggest Racing Disappointment:Driving to Wgtn for the International Series and not qualifying!@#@
Snorer or Non-snorer: Snorer: Non, Gary wins that one
Favourite Track: Baypark (with two lane track) and on fireworks and demo derby nights (biggest crowds for the sponsor!!)

Colin Reddish

Colin the tourist

Colin Reddish together with his wife Carol have been a valued part of the 51 team since 2001. He is also part of the B team and has the honour of being the loudest snorer on the crew. With a great sense of humour we have appreciated having the Reddishes on board, they have become part of the Wood Family. A big thanks to Maketu Pullet Farms. If you ever need a chicken He’s your man.

Ford or Holden: FORD, Ford, FORD our doors stay on!!!!!!
Racing Highlight: NZ Sprintcar Champs Cromwell
Biggest Racing Disappointment: NZ Superstock Champs, Nelson.
Snorer or Non-snorer: Biggest Snorer
Favourite Track:
I can’t be without: My stubbies and my lovely wife Carol!

Team Photos Over The Years

In a race team it takes a lot of people to get a car on the track.

Over the last few decades we have had some very faithful dedicated crew as well as those who have helped out when we’ve been far from home and had crew unable to be at meetings. Or when Rodney has totally trashed the car and its all hands on deck to get the car on the track. I can think of a few trips away where if it wasn’t for the locals lending a hand we could not have raced, a big thanks to all of you who have helped along the way.

The current team put in a lot of hours.