Western Springs takes on Donny Shatz

With Western Springs not being my favourite place to race we weren’t intending to race there this summer but there was really only one thing attracting me to race there. The opportunity to take on Donny Shatz & Sammy Swindel who I would rate as the two best sprintcar drivers in the world & I get to race them both in the same night. The excitement of the challenge must have been too much as I didn’t really have the best of nights & wasn’t as smooth as i could have been. Brains went out the window.

Heat 1. Started grid 2 with Donny right behind me on 4, awesome. Got a good start & lead for 9 & 3/4 laps only to give up the lead in the last corner before the chequered.( I kicked myself for the rest of the week. ) In the last two laps I had been putting up a good challenge but some water had been splashed onto the low line in turn 3 that messed me up & got me out of rhythm.

Heat 2. A good run from grid 14 throught to 6th.

This meant I was fifth highest qualifier ( 2nd highest kiwi) & had to take on Sammy in a pole shuffle shoot out, as he was sixth qualifier. I got the start all wrong as I allowed myself to be two low on the track. I figured I would get good drive off the turn but when I stood on the gas the right rear got traction but the left rear didn’t, winding me on to the grass & loosing the chance to compete. Result from that I had to start grid 6 for the feature.

Feature. I don’t think we were going to have a winning car for this race but we were in there. We had a caution after a few laps & I wasn’t ready for the restart. I had loosened my belts a  bit to relax & get some air & wasn’t ready for the green. Once we got going I was furiously trying to race & tighten belts as well as defend my position as there was pressure being applied behind me. I got totally caught out when I came off turn 4 & slaped the wall , then coasted to the in field. Race over. Disappointing.


The Fireworks that Wasn’t

The fireworks was abandoned because of the Dotteral birds that were in a recovery unit next to the track due to the ship the Rena being bech off our shores, but there was still a great night of racing. We had visting USA driver Peter Murphy join the ranks to spice it up a bit.

Heat 1 . from grid 13 to 3rd.

Heat 2. from pole to 1st.

Feature. Grid 3 to then come home in 1st.

Heres a clip thanks to Steve Daniels

Derby Night 19.11.2011

Another great nights racing at BP with good atmoshpere & a great race track. Again we had Peter murphy visiting with us & i think he was a bit more hungry for it than the week before.

Heat 1. started on grid 14 & had a goood rive upo to 5th.

Heat 2. From pole open a nice lead to come home 1st.

Feature. Started on grid 2. Had a battle with Skinny for a few laps until we got in the groove. Had a good half a lap lead & then had a cauton, twice. Peter Murphy had a few attempts for the led in the last few laps , I drove a defensive line once I knew he was there , it prbably wasnt the right option but still managed to come home in 1st.

All up a great effort for our first 3 meetings. 5 wins from 9 races is more than our fair share.

Thanks To Steve Daniel for this clip

Opening Night At Bay Park

A great night of speedway with great atmosphere & good racing in all classes.
A very good start to the season for the 51 team with a 1st & two 2nd placing.

Race 1. Rodney got a good start around the outside from grid 6 to begin a duel with Colin Entwistle for the lead for several laps & then pulled away for a comfortable win.
Race 2 saw some more great passing from grid 8 around the outside of turn 1 & 2 to be in 3rd by turn 4. After a caution, Rodney made the most of a restart to gain a pass on Greg Pickerill to place 2nd.
Feature. Being highest on points after the Heats Rodney was on pole but didnt have a tight enough car as the track tried out but still managed to come home in 2nd behind Jamie Mac donald.

Rodney giving Rosie intsructions on how to eat hotdogs.

Rosie has taken over the driving of the ministock this season & thoughly enjoyed her first night out in the 24 machine. Finishing her first two races, but a tangle with another car in the feature gave her her first DNF

Next meeting is the popular Guy Fawks night on November the 5th

Coach Cole handing over the drive.