USA Invitation 3, Jan, 2012

We had 4 Visiting Drivers from the USA with The Legend Sammy Swindel, 1NZ Jonathan Allard, Peter Murphy & Ricky logan as well as the lads from Auckland.

Heat 1. I was on grid 4 & stoked to have the 1USA of Sammy on 3 beside me. This race felt like a feature & it was great to race a duel with Sammy & to come away with the win.

Any day you can beat Sammy Swindell is a good day.

Heat 2. Started off the back, Didnt get a great start but got mid way through the feild.

Feature. This was a reverse grid highest points off the rear. I had a great start & had already got up to about sixth when No16 Dean Oriely got out of shape on the apex & came across in front of me, ripping the front axle out of the car. Race over DNF. Very disapointed as I think we had a good chance for a feature win.

Heres a clip of heat 1, you will have to excuse the sreamin of my loyal fans.LOL

Boxing Night 16.12.11

Well we Started the night with an extremly wet  race track that I even had to pull some tears offs & that was just doin wheel packing.

Race 1, Sprints were moved forward into the race programe because of the wet conditions rather than the ministocks & visiting mini sprints. Oh to have had a front row grid for this race. The track was so heavy, vision was difficult, every time you got close to pass somebody you momentarily had to race blind because there was that much mud thrown at you. I struggled to move forward much & ended up 5th from grid 6th.

Race 2. grid 6 to 3rd.  Possibly missed the set up  a bit for this race,was a bit average

Feature. Grid 2. to 1st.

Had a great duel with Skinny who started on pole & We raced wheel to wheal for several laps which was a great racing & then managed to pull away. An anxious moment arose when we came up to lapped traffic withe the 75 car of Greg Kilworth, The Rookie instigated his own initiation into the sprintcar ranks with a nice barrel roll off turn 3 of about 3times. I saw it unfold as we set for the turn & hit the picks, Skinny was not so fortunate & figured 3 rolls wasn’t enough for a rookies initiation & gave him 2 more. I was bit lucky as I thought about slipping around the out side, glad I didn’t.

Check out the Vid.

Rodney thinks he’s been good boy all year (yeah right) a good Tuis ad. So the team owner and santa bought him a new toy. Posted by team owner AKA Mrs.W. Shes the lucky one who gets to upload and download and watch the true crazy speed her crazy husband does and how close he does get to the wall.
Please note this is not a in car camera, but a highly sophisticated wall sensing device as team owner likes to keep her own record of how many times HER car is being introduced to the wall. :) :( first time a bit too much clay. bit of a laugh. needs tearoffs! this was Race 2, as Race 1 was a black out by the end of the first straight.


Heres a clip of the feature thanks to Kyle Peterson & Mr Guy

BP Stockcar Gold Cup

After sustaining some damage from hitting the wall at the springs it came back to haunt us this night at BP. We had replaced a few bits durring the week but had problems with a torque ball binding all night ( even though it had been replaced) & so a bit of an average performance this night.

Heat 1 grid 3 to 1st.

Heat 2. grid 12 to 9th.

Feature grid 6th to 4th.