Streetstocks – 1987 TO 1994

In 1986 and 1987 Rodney Started off with a few derbys as you can see in the photo gallery, apologies to the chevy people for derbying this very rusty chevy and vauxhall.

It was on our way home from our honeymoon in December 1987 that we purchased our first race car a VC Valiant off Mark Hendrickson from Matamata. We got to test drive it a bit earlier than expected as we had transmission trouble on the Kaimais and by the time we got to Te Munga, no transmission.  So streetstock comes off trailer and tows car  and trailer home the problem being we only had first gear and no exhaust (can’t mention make of tow car as is sensitive subject at our house). Its late at night so I am being towed sitting with car lights out to the right so Rodney can see. This is the beginning of many towing incidents, lost wheels, broken trailer axles, no brakes, no transmissions, overheating and we even had to drive the streetstock from Maungatapu bridge through town into Birch Ave. And this is not even racing.

We turned up to Bay park for our first meeting in 2nd January 1988. We painted 51 on the door with house paint and a 4 inch paint brush.

The years in streetstocks were such a lot of fun, we still have great memories of those times, at that time Streetstocks was all we could afford as they cost so little to race. One of the highlights of these years was the crew we had at the time. Paul and Esther Managh and David White (Daisy).

• Our battles with the Matamata streetstocks went on and on, but we still have those friendships today.

• Streetstock teams racing was a highlight and I am still convinced we won against Wellington, although not given the team win, the weather was so bad they had sleet and their fires going in February, but great hospitality by Te Marua.

• Rodney breaking his axle in the last half a lap of the race when he spun a car waiting for him, his back wheel was hit as he spun the other car, I was so mad at him. He only had to finish that race to win the 1990/91 North Island Champs.

• We travelled to Stratford 3 times 1991/92 North Island Champs as the meeting was rained of twice, we won it in the rain, $1000 prize money, minus gas $600 minus blown transmission $400, great hospitality by Stratford Club, I never believed there was a Mount Taranki as we never saw it.

• Rodneys biggest disappointment in Streetsocks was being disqualified from race two of the NZ Streetstock champs at Wanganui. After three races being 10 points clear of the next competitor, he was disqualified for a wheel over the pole line in which he gained no advantage, we were all gutted helpless to fight a system which seemed so unfair.

There are so many more stories some better left unsaid!!!