Stockcars – 1996 TO 2006

It is very difficult to sum up 10 years of Stockcar racing. Lots of highs and lows. We had a great team of dedicated crew over these years and huge thanks goes to them. Blouse, Gary, Clinton Bastin, Brendon Bourne, Grant Wakerley and others who filled in. Chris Rooney and Gary Douglas Engineering, for the use of their workshop to build our trailer and stockcar and support when we raced at Palmy. Also Tony Marsh and the team at Marsh Motorsport for their years of great engines. Also thanks to Rotorua Club for the years we registered there, a great track with a great team of people behind it. I can’t mention everybody as you would be here all day.

Rodney had two wins in his first stockcar meeting against some good competition. The winning continued consistently in His stockcar career. The ITM Circuit was a great series, where consistency was the key to success.

In his first season Rodney joined a throw together Busters team who went out and annihilated the Highly Regarded Stratford Scrappers, this was a very memorable victory. He then went on to Captain for the Rotorua Rebels, they had some very hard fought battles. Also success came with the Busters as they an amazing run of 22 back to back teams race wins (without lawyers and ring-ins). This included winning Palmy and Auckland back to back two years in a row, an incredible achievement.

Rodney Had many great victories winning the North Island champs 3 times. A well remembered series win was in his last season, the Hawkes Bay Coopers Horticulture Prize of a brand new $14000 quad bike, we really wanted this win, as Rodney had just purchased his sprintcar and really needed  a quad bike to push his sprintcar (but did it need to be a killer YFZ450??). It all played out in the last race a lot of blocking went on, but he survived to win the series.

Rodney has been 2NZ, 3nz, and just about every other top 10 placing, but the 1nz always seemed to elude him. On four occasions he was in was in for the win, but was taken out of contention in the last half of the last race. In stockcars you don’t always know who you can trust, as hard as that is its what makes it such a great entertainment.

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