Sprintcars – 2006 – Current

2009/10 SEASON

Rodney had been contemplating sprintcars for a long time and after watching the world of outlaws at Baypark in 2006, Rodney purchased Danny Lasoskis Sprintcar. It was time for a new challenge.

From day 1 Rodney showed the potential he had in a Sprintcar by coming 3rd in the Manawatu Sprintcar champs at his very first meeting, the amazing thing about this is that as he was a rookie competitor so he had to start off the back on all three races of an 18 car field. In his third meeting he crazily decided to go to NZ Sprintcar Champs in Christchurch, but unfortunately had a tangle with Alan Wakeling when fighting for 4th spot in the final race.

Sprintcars are a completely different race car set up and driving style to anything we have done before. It has been a huge learning curve as we came into the sport with no Sprintcar knowledge in our team.

What a fantastic Season we have just had in 09/10. Winning the NZ Champs, North Island Champs, first Kiwi Home in the NZ Grand Prix (3rd), as well as winning the Bay of Plenty Champs and the Local Bay Park points, Bay Park Driver of the year and to top the Season off Winning the NZ Speedway Awards, Sprintcar Driver of the year.  There has been nobody else in this modern era of Sprintcars with its large fields and a very high calibre of drivers who has had these results, this will be hard for us to improve on.

At the New Zealand champs in Cromwell the thought was always in the back of our mind who could be Johnathon Allard as he had been in impressive form, and was definitely the man to beat. The highlight for the all kiwis there was that a Kiwi beat the professional american drivers. This was a great night.

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