We have sought permission and given the photo credits where we know who the photographer is. I have many photos that we have purchased but have no indication whose photos these are. Sorry but over 23 years we can’t remember. This is even difficult with some of the photos that get emailed to us they have no tag to say who the photograper is. It has taken me hours to scan in photos, to contact photographer and to give photo credit, so if you see your photo with no credit please let me know and I will do my best to correct this and get your permission. There are a few years that have very few photos, we were too busy probably especially the early Streetstock years, also I know I have some in the wrong years, it does get a bit confusing. If you have any early or good photos you can leave a comment and I can email you.

Thanks to: Raewyn Adams, Brian Hopping, Mainland Photos, Glenn Taylor, Darryl Seymour, Richard Jones, Colin Smith, Stuart Whittaker, James Selwyn, , Brendon Bourne, Dave Sales, and Mike Davies.

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