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Quick Update

Sorry been to busy fixing race cars to do much up dates. Here is a brief.

Western Springs International.

Race one, 1st from grid 5. Race two 4th from grid 8. Highest equal on points with the legendary Sammy Swindell & Ricky Logan. I thought that would have had me on the front row for the feature but the programme was different to the entry form & the top six then drew random marbles for there grid.  So pulled no 3. Unfortunately from there we didn”t get past the first corner as Skinny turned down part way down the straight, as he came across it first ripped the wheel out of my hand turning me right back into him. I still accelerated initially to hopefully bust free as we had another 16 cars right on our tail.  We were petty lucky it wasn”t a huge pile up for the next couple of rows & cool head by Ricky Logan behind to miss us. End result DNF with a bent rear end & wings etc. That was a huge shame cause I was looking forward to that race.


Well basically I just got it wrong all night. Wasn”t  worth showing up for. I would have had trouble passing ya grandmother. Ended up 10th overall.


Quick timed 5th. Heat 1 3rd. Heat 2 1st.  Feature missed the set up a bit. result 5th .

Bay Park Christmas special.

Race 1 DNF. Race 2 1st. Feature 5th.

Western Springs International 27,Nov,2010

After a day of chaos we then got a blowout on our way to Auckland, got there a bit late & hit the ground running as the Springs is always a hectic night.

Quick timed 5th, then won our first race from grid 2 with Delansky in 2nd.

The dash had a six car inversion so started on grid 4. Had a bit of an ugly start with the car steping out in a bit of a hole & then biting hard turning me down on to Ryan O’Connor , Ryan probably came off the worst at the time & we then got away to come home 3rd which gave us grid 3 for the 30 lap feature. A quick check around the car & all seemed OK, although our continuing drama of our engine running a bit warmer than we would like (although way better than previous weeks). But before us was a 30 lap race so we cut a new vent in the nose cone to alow more air to the radiator. It only has a 1 on it anyway.

The 30 lapper was fast & furious & awesome race for all to see. McDonaldon 1, Delansky on 2, me on 3, Brindle on 4. Craig Delansky checked to see if the stars were out on the drop of the flag pulling the mother of all wheel stands that was great for me & we slotted in to second only to have him get me back 0ne lap latter by running to deep.  It took me a couple of laps to settle in but we had some great dueling with Craig & Jamie for most of the race. After several attempts to pass the Outlaw I finally got a nice move under both Craig & Jamie in turn 1 around lap 20 & my sights were set . Unfortunately our efforts all came unstuck on lap 25 when the car dropped down & just stepped to the right slapping the wall & braking the front right radius arms.  It was all over. After reviewing our own video footage Monday night we washed the car & did some detective work to try & figure out why. The assumption is that the contactwith Ryan from the dash (which was my fault) left a dent in the left rim, this had gone unnoticed on the night & we suspect this damaged the jacobs ladder strap as it showed impact from the left side, this then failed at lap 25 when i bounced through a rut & slapped the wall. Oh for a 25 lapper!

Anyway onward to next week for two 30 lappers at Palmy on Saturday & Wellington on Sunday, should be great.

Congrats to Craig Delansky 1st, Jamie Mac 2nd, Dean Brindle 3rd. Rodney Wood O.

Here is a link to somebody else’s video, its a great race no matter who ya cheering for. Sprintcars are about 7 minutes into video.

Guy Fawkes night – 6th November

A huge crowd rolled in for the fireworks night which was great to see. We didn’t have a flash night. We had great car speed that shows good promise but plagued by issue’s that halted us from posting good results.

Heat one I started off the rear & had moved up to 3rd by half way into the race. My engine temperature was climbing so had to pull off to avoid overheating & doing damage. We are running a different engine this year, we had had high temps the week before & thought it was just the water pump that was smaller so had swapped it for a bigger version for this week. So race two we richened up the engine as we had done last week just to help it run cooler, it may not give the engine its optimum but at least survived the night. The track was quite rough & we were off the front row & pulled a nice lead on the pack, enginetemp OK, going into turn 3 with a comfortable lead a huge piece of clay got shoved under the front of my car so hard it bent the tie rod & steering arm so much that I couldn’t turn the car, so, had to retire to the grass once again. We have since sorted out the overheating & believe it to be the radiator.

By the feature the track was even worse & half the field was annihilated by race end with the race being cut short as a car had damaged the safety fence. Although I have to say not all crashes were a result of the track surface. Because of two DNFswe had to start off the back which leaves you vulnerable to the carnage & was a victim of the first crash as Ben Quinn & Kerry Bartlett bothrolled in turn one. I had no where to go & tagged the rolling Bartlet machine knocking the front wing back. Withno front down force its hard to keep the nose on the ground & with a rough track running the high line would have been suicide & would have been in the wall for sure. So just had to drive a conservative low line & nurse it home for 3rd.

This weeks racing has been cancelled as the promoter has a contractor in rebuilding the track surface. This is much needed so hopefully we will be able to get into some fast smooth racing from here on.

Cole was 2ndby just over half a car length for his feature from a mid grid. He only needed one more lap. so goin well

Opening Night – Oct 23rd

It was great to see 21 Sprintcars at opening night. It was our first run for the season so I was pretty happy drawing pole for race 1. Had an unchallenged race and won.

In hindsight grid 21 for race 1 may have been better as everyone had shaken off the cobwebs and were ready to go a bit harder by race 2.

Unfortunately Grid 21 left us in the carnage as there was a midfield crash in turn 1 andI came into contact with Colin Entwisle as he tried to avoid the crash. DNF. A quick fix at the front end and we made it out for the feature. We struggled to go forward from a midfield Grid witha car that wasn”t pretty to drive. The combination of a wrong set up and a front end that wasn”t quite right, left me fighting to bring it home without more damage.Finished 7th.

Cole did well winning the feature and one of his other races.

Looking forward to the Guy Fawkes meeting.

New Season Colours

Photo By Brendon Bourne

Welcome to the new website. A website is a great way to promote our sponsors and keep you up to date with what”s happening with our race team. As you can imagine it has taken a lot of work to get this much information on here  a lot has happened in 23 years. I have enjoyed putting it all together, going back down memory lane, we had lots of fun, lots of great years racing, I have written the history of each class so this is from my perspective, and may not be the drivers opinion or yours! It will be a work in progress although most of the history is complete.

Thanks for all those who have helped and given their permission to use photos and a big thank you to Natalie Leigh who has done the website design.  Kim Wood.

Race Summary

What a fantastic Season we have just had in 09/10. Winning the NZ Champs, North Island Champs, first Kiwi Home in the NZ Grand Prix, as well as winning the Bay of plenty Champs and the Local Bay park points, and to top the Season off Winning the Nz Speedway Awards Sprintcar Driver of the year.  It will be hard to improve on last years results but we will give it our best shot!

We had our car painted and sign written by the end of July ready for Display at the New Zealand Speedway awards which was held at Baypark. Our car has never been ready this early,  we are usually running around mid October stressing about sign writing, painting etc. Thanks to our new Sponsor True Colours Race Graphics, Hinton Mckenzie and team for their great effort. There is still a lot happening in the shed as we prepare the Sprintcar and Ministock to go racing. Look forward to seeing you all at the track.