USA Invitation 3, Jan, 2012

We had 4 Visiting Drivers from the USA with The Legend Sammy Swindel, 1NZ Jonathan Allard, Peter Murphy & Ricky logan as well as the lads from Auckland.

Heat 1. I was on grid 4 & stoked to have the 1USA of Sammy on 3 beside me. This race felt like a feature & it was great to race a duel with Sammy & to come away with the win.

Any day you can beat Sammy Swindell is a good day.

Heat 2. Started off the back, Didnt get a great start but got mid way through the feild.

Feature. This was a reverse grid highest points off the rear. I had a great start & had already got up to about sixth when No16 Dean Oriely got out of shape on the apex & came across in front of me, ripping the front axle out of the car. Race over DNF. Very disapointed as I think we had a good chance for a feature win.

Heres a clip of heat 1, you will have to excuse the sreamin of my loyal fans.LOL