We have had a website holiday

Sorry about the no communication but we have been in constant chaos. We have sold our house, developed a new property, built a new house, shifted house and workshop argghhhhhh, had a child with a broken femur and even we find racing two cars (Rosie in Ministock 24m) has taken alot of our time and energy.

Also sadly about three months ago after a sudden 3month illness my father Colin Wood (81) changed his address to heaven! And I lost a great supporter.

So some things have had to go off THE TO DO LIST the website among other things was on that list.

2013 Ready or not (NOT)

We are going to do our best to keep you updated for 2013 -14

We have done four meetings so far 3 at bayPark and one at Western Springs. With mixed results and some unintended go pro footage. The new Maxim chassis holds promise and will be developing its handling as we go on through season. It tumbles through the air well. check out video. Sophie ( my 13 year old) helped rivet that wing together so she not very happy!!!

We Got the car out for Race 2 but after DNF had to start Grid 17 for feature. It was a hairy track for a lot of drivers I worked my way up to 4th but lost 3 places on the restart to finish 7th.

NZ Champs Christchurch

After absolutely trashing the car at Cromwell we were offered the use of a workshop at Dunedin where we were spending a few days to see the sights. Well one whole day we got to see the inside of a workshop thanks to Mike at the Turbo shop in Dunedin for his shop. We changed every thing over to another 2nd hand chassis that we had taken down with us. The theory was with Murphy’s Law if you take it you wont need it. I was never good at theory at school either.

Qualify was five heats to get your grid for the 25 lap feature.

It took me severely races to get 100% settled in in the different chassis with a few things not quite as I would have  liked. A shame we didn’t have  a shake down meeting somewhere to sort out a few things. We were a little unlucky to have a tough group for qualifying & started 4 of the 5 heats behind Jonathan Allard making it hard to get passes done in the first lap because Jonathan is always so fast & making the move on the guy in front of him. We also had a larger group than 4 of the other groups, meaning you always had to pass an extra car. Result we qualified 6th.

Final. In the feature it took several attempts to get the first lap under way with crashes in the rear of the field that took out a bunch of guys. I could have done withe a few out from in front of me. From there it was 24 laps with no cautions & not a lot of passing  so the grid 6 start effecting where we finished.

Result 5th NZ Champs , 2nd Kiwi home but no 2nz.

1st Sammy Swindel USA . 2nd Jonathan Allard USA, 3rd Austin Wheatley USA, 4th Ryan Oconnor NZ, 5th Rodney Wood

NZ Grand Prix, Cromwell. The come back kid.

Well we ventured south to the NZ GP, the place where we won the New Zealand champs 2 years ago. We had a slightly bent left knerf bar on the car then & it has been on the car for the last 2 years without getting bent. Unfortunately after passing for the lead in race 1 I climbed up the right rear of a lapped car & fired the car up the fence & along the wall breaking out rail way iron posts along the way. On  walking around the car after the crash the only piece that didn’t seem bent was the left knerf bar. It broke the chassis in several places , the radiator up rights etc were broken away. so we got stuck into it & with  the thanks of my crew & many random helpers as well as the expert help from Kevin (jamo ) Jameison who welded the car back together along with Marton Jameison we roughly pushed out the bent torsion tubes, fitted a new front end  Knerf bars & bumpers & made it out for race 2.  After race 2 we had the time to also replace a few bent bits in the rear.

The next two heats the car was a bit average but gained some points & managed to start the feature in grid 10.

Feature. With some fine tuning through the night the car was starting to handle a bit better & had an awesome drive to push through the field passing eight cars to challenge Jamie McDonald for 2nd place. Jamie did the nice crossover & got his spot back resulting in us placing 3rd.

This was a great come back considering the damage we sustained. Many would have loaded up & gone home but I think our years of stock car racing have instilled a determination to fight on.

End result 3rd at the NZ GP behind USA driver Austin Wheatly & Jamie Macdonald.

PS Also a big thanks to Kevin & MartinJameison for towing our trailer to Cromwell ,across to Dunedin & up to Christchurch & then home. a journey of some  3000 pkms